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Handmade and Reikied mala necklace with 108 beads.

This mala is made of 10 mm snowflake obsidian beads, 10 mm howlite beads, and 10 mm Indian agate beads with a  silver charm and a grey Buddha guru.

Stone attributes:

Snowflake Obsidian

  • Stone of purity
  • Balances body, mind and spirit and remove negativity from a person or space
  • Helps people recognize and release wrongful thinking and stressful metal patterns
  • Aides in meditation, empowers isolation and loneliness
  • Works with the Root chakra (base of spine)


  • Gives the user a higher spiritual consciousness
  • Used to reduce anxiety, tension and stress; it facilitates awareness, encourages emotional expression and assist in the removal of pain, stress and rage
  • Howlite strengthens your memory and stimulates a desire for knowledge
  • Known as a “calming stone”
  • Howlite is best associated with the throat chakra

Indian Agate

  • Gives confidence, physical strength, and emotional security
  • Improves concentration & perception
  • Soothes and calms inner anger/tension and creates a sense of security and safety
  • Symbolizes maturity and composure
  • Protects against negativity


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